Digital Learning Initiative (DLI) Symposium Presenter Profiles

Digital Learning Initiatives and Innovation Throughout the UNC System

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Partnering with UNC to Address Unprepared Academic Writers through Automated Writing Evaluation and Assessment


Jamey Heit is a lifelong learner and lover of technology. He believes technology is an invaluable key to unlock solutions to big problems. But he insists that we think about technology as part of a broader solution, not a magic wand we can wave to make problems disappear.

He holds a PhD in Literature, Theology and the Arts from Glasgow University. Prior to founding ecree in 2014, he taught in multiple disciplines in Higher Education. By credit hour he has taught for more than 25 years and he has graded more than 30,000 papers (yes, he counted!).

He left the classroom because he saw the limits to his ability to help students become better writers. He founded ecree to develop technology could provide what he couldn’t: consistent, timely, and quality feedback.

Higher Education Overview | Download Overview (.pdf)

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